Sunday, February 21, 2010

Total Death Star

So in Batspeak a death star is anyone who becomes more famous or recognized after they die.  The goal is obvs to become "Phamous" but if that doesn't happen we will be happy to be a death star.  I have already instructed my tree friend to grab my computer and immediately publish everything if i die because that will def make me super fame monster important, and although I will be dead, at least my efforts will have been recognized.

The alternate definition for death star in batspeak would be to really emphasize a feeling or emotion.  Like I am death star miserable today.

Anyway, its no secret our love of fashion and weirdness here at the Batcave and Alexander McQueen is one of our all time favorite designers.  I mean Lady GaGa agrees with us so we must be right.

I was thrilled to sign on Coco Perez today and see that McQueen's line's profits have gone up 1400%.  Way to go AQ!  Make that $$, death star.

Much Love,