Monday, February 22, 2010

Brunch Crew

Spring is in the air and you know what that means.  Brunch crew is back in full force.  Its like the Breakfast Club, but with drinking.

Brunch Crew.  Team meetings are at brunch.  You can find us Sunday afternoons at a local bar.  I am usually a team leader.  I missed Brunch today (yes it gets capitalized) due to unforeseen circumstances.  However, I bring you this lovely post instead.

Specifics looked for: BYOB, $3 Bloody Mary’s, $1 Mimosas.  Bottomless Mimosas?  Even better!!

Other pluses: Flavored Mimosas or a Dang Good Bloody Mary
Entrees Under $12
A photobooth or being near anything that makes for a good backdrop

Favorite brunch memory: 
A BYO called Rx in West Philadelphia. (born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days…) Tree friends were united in wonderful tree friend form.  The night prior, we had bartended at the Arts Garage where some of our friends were DJing.  It was my number one favorite thing to do, late nights at the Arts Garage.  I have many fond memories of being overdressed with my girlfriends and making tons of money serving people Bankers Club and PBR at this fine establishment.  We had stayed out til 4am as per usual back in the good old days. 
The next morning, as if we didn’t have enough of each other yet, we had another misadventure to plan.  That’s right, Brunch.  To most people, BYO means bring wine to dinner.  To us, it means bring 3 bottles of vodka and 4 champagne for 8 of us.  In order to not look completely silly, we acted like we were cheers-ing our friend getting a big promotion at work.  (He later got laid off, I hope we didn’t jinx him…. Jk. ) Anyway the afternoon was full of antics and almost getting kicked out of the restaurant but ending up with us drinking with the staff.  An infamous quote from a newcomer was…. “Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your world.”   Bahahaha….. turns out she couldn’t handle us for long.  Anywho… drunken Brunches are the shiz.

When I miss Brunch... this happens.  

And so does this.  The cure for this is to NOT miss Brunch.  TBC…

Photo by Mike Whitson.  Shirt from Philly Phaithful.


Cait* said...

So how do I get in on this shit?