Monday, September 20, 2010


Hello former and future blog readers!  Welcome to our 200th post.  Consider this a birthday present to all of you.  Oh, how we hope you have missed us as much as we have missed all of you.   

Who are we?  Just a couple of girls who like to have fun and have crazy friends with wild stories that keep us all entertained.  We are sharing these stories with you.  You’re welcome. Hate jalapeƱo’s? We probably can’t eat together.  Think we’re funny?  We’ll get along just fine. If you don’t, that’s ok too.  It’s our blog and we make the rules.

We do fun things.  Lots and lots of fun things.  We figured why not give you all a glimpse into our special world.  Not too much here, we’re not claiming everything we post are based on fact, or that its about us.  We are only as strong as our friends and couldn’t write this without them.  So the collection of stories here is fiction based on fact.  With some real live paparazzi shots thrown in for good measure.

A super speed update on the bats: Crazy cat lady prostitute neighbor has left the building.  After being evicted of course.  Jax  on Crax the Chihuahua is still alive and kicking and has actually lost a few doggy pounds.   Batman has turned 2 and is the funniest person in all of the land.  One of the bats has had some extra sparkle added to her face.  Amazingness.  If none of these things make sense to you,  take some time to read through the backlog.  We promise at least a little pee laughter.

Summer oh-fun-oh was oh so much fun. There have been many misadventures for us bats in the past few months.  Basically this summer started late.  It started in Austin in early July.  There was a heat wave in both Philadelphia and in Austin.  We had a master plan.  To reconvene the powers of the Batcave minds for a wonderful string of misadventures.   As our fair summer comes to a close, here is ours chronicled here for you.  Well now, we have visited the land of wanderlust and sparkles have done all sorts of fun things.  Don’t believe me… here are some pictures to prove it.  It all begins in a magical hippy hipster city called Austin Texas….

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