Sunday, June 20, 2010

People are rude.

Let’s imagine a person who is very rude.

You work at Wawa.  The graveyard shift.  They f’ing make you stay and do inventory all night.  Yeah, like counting lunchmeat and shit. So, you don’t get home til 4:30am.  What the eff is that?  not fun at all!! Ugh, too early for coffee, too late for fun,  as you are thinking, just get me the eff home I need my bed and sleepy time and loves and huggies and kissies from my man piece.  I arrive home to find Rudy’s car still parked in our paid for, despite having a car full of shit to unload...I have to park out on the street...inconvenience #1. So I go park and walk inside. I walk in and Man piece is on the couch and Rudy is no where in sight. More annoyed....I ask where she is bc she is in my spot.
At this point, I am effing exhausted...I am at that freaking point where I just need to go to bed.  Nothing else.  GIVE ME MY BED. Man Piece informs me she got shit faced at the bar and recently got up off the couch where she was passed out and moved into our bed!!! He thought she went to the bathroom but she never came back. So I have nowhere to sleep...more annoyed!  Bitch will go down.  Right down to china town.  In an attempt to calm my nerves, so I open a beer and sit down on the hour later I'm done...I must sleep and she has to move back to the couch.
Man Piece is ready for bed too... so he tries waking her up. She refuses to get up and keeps trying to pull covers over herself. She is making no sense and insists she is getting up. 10 mins later I have had enough. I tell Man Piece to turn on the light and then say " Rudy..this isn't your house...move to the couch, u r in our bed." All hell breaks loose as she flies out the bed and screams at us for being rude. She storms out the house furious.

She is psycho

I'm rude? Your drunk ass is in my parking spot, and in my bed refusing to move. But yeah, I'm rude for asking/telling u to move to the couch at 2am.

U wanna sleep in my bed? U better be my size so we all fit.

The end.

By, Annoyed

PS... She texted on her way home she won't come out with us tonight because we are skin off my back!