Saturday, February 20, 2010

Words from the Wise.

He is a Zach Braff: a dumb a**hole in a nerdy cute guy's body... very deceiving... the worst kind.

Every girl has dated one at some point in time. You lower your physical standards in the hope of finding more substance, but there is none. Instead just a nerdy d-bag who got off on the fact that he dated someone superior to himself. *stumbles off soap box*


Dannell MacIlwraith said...

HAHAHAH. Yep/// i have sooo done this. and guess what, they are the worst!!! Your self-esteem is shot to shit bc of the d-bag and he thinks he is a stud.

OG said...

agreed on this dude...I used think he was a cool guy (because of scrubs - not garden state) until he did the britta commercials. Now I consider him lame.

MODG said...

oh man I so dated the cute nerd. He ended up getting high off of the fact that he was dating a sorority girl (whatever that means, like sluttier I guess?) and broke up with me.
Oh I also dated that really tall guy Ian remember? He was on survivor later? And he was a huge douche and also broke up with me.

maybe I'm the douche.

mr. overly competitive said...

Wow, very poignant message. Bad date? I couldn't get by the photo though. It reminds me of an old hotel, which reminds me of elevator music so I think this should be henceforth called Elevator Music Camo.