Saturday, January 30, 2010


So the bats are in Texas this weekend.  Just bats being bats.  Hanging upside down by day, and partying in sparkles by night.

I got to eat an avocado stuffed with chicken.  And fried.  I got to almost steal a tip jar, and got a cup with Mr. Nacho on it.

I got to talk to DFW about going to a psychic.  Her biggest concern for me is that the psychic will tell me I am going to become a lesbian in 5 years.  This is not my biggest worry.  All of my hair falling out is my biggest worry. 

I got to eat breakfast tacos.  Twice.  In one day. 

We had to bring outfits over to Dixie’s place.  We brought about the same amount as what I expect an impoverished person to have in their closet.  It turned into a pile of black sparkles.

We saw a Justin Beiber impostor!

We are trying to play a drinking game on Facebook.  Its not working out so well.  We are supposed to drink every time we see an attractive person.  They are few and far between  we don’t count.  Neither do our own pages. 

I scared the deaf 3 legged cat with the hairdryer.  Now he is really freaked out by me.  I keep making weird noises at him and forgetting he can’t hear me.

We went to the museum and this little girl told my kiddo to stop following her.  I encouraged this behavior.  If I had a girl I would be buying her glitter hair extensions and telling her that boys suck.  Or stink.

We stole glasses and are drinking mimosas out them.

Appropriate photo props include but are not limited to: sleeping people, dogs that match our outfits, glasses, and toys from vending machines that look like butts.  With hair on them.  Or penises.

We went to a playmates birthday party last night.  It made our boobs feel small.  There was this crazy chick who served as both entertainment and annoyance for the night.

The Misadventures continue….


MODG said...

i'm jealous. that's all.

The Batcave said...

Thanks for the lonely comment G-Ras.

The Batcave said...

"All I know is there is no ass in Guarrasi."

Chew said...

Fun trip, hahaha. I love deaf three legged cats! And the fact that you managed to scare it with a hair dryer...amazing. Looks like you had a blast:) Who doesn't love a penis toy out of a vending machine...they need to make more of them!

T said...

Y'all were in my lovely state! I hope enjoyed it.

<3 T

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