Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ok seriously, i can't go a day without stories. Wake up, ride to airport. I don't feel good. like at all. Driver: "Do you want me to pull over?" Me: "no, I didn't eat anything yet so there is nothing to throw up. Oh except Iced tea." As I say the words the ice tea comes pouring out all over the side of the car. yes, pull over. NOW. More iced tea and more iced tea. I swear I wasted an entire half gallon of Wawa tea. On the flip side, I probably saved about 200 calories. I get to airport. I am scared to even take a sip of water because I think they will not allow me on the plane. There are signs everywhere about swine flu and i don't want them to think I have it. I survive.

I get in to airport and don't see my bags. Not once but twice I pick up one of the carousel that i think is mine. It is not mine. I am convinced that someone took mine and they left theirs. I finally go to the office and ask where my bags are. he tells me they are at the airport I was supposed to go to. Somehow I ended up at the wrong airport. Frosted Flake asks me how this can happen. I say its because I have been here 4 hours and I can't go that long without stories.


Dixie said...

Only you would this happen to!

Anonymous said...

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