Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Hallow's Eve friends! This is an epic day in the lives of the tree friends. We wait and plan for this day for Months, and it has arrived. Today I am in full on black Tim Burton costume material, watching Tim Burton Movies, and drinking Orange mimosas in commemoration of my Tree friend and our love of all things creepy. Sadly, the Tree friends are not together this year, but always in spirit. One in Texas and one traveling to Cali. for the festivities. Last night was the first night out for this glorious holiday, and it was def a success. We had lots of fun texting sessions between us which always brings the LOLs. I started off the night with some dear friends, and headed to a house party. Super Husband was a Vamp for the night, with custom fangs and all. On our way to the party we had a little scare with the fangs not staying in. We ask the cabbie to make a quick stop by Walgreens. We went ahead and picked up some Polygrip. Works like magic. Thank you Polygrip! You should extend your advertising to old peeps and Vampires.

SH hops in the front seat of the cab, and proceeds the vampire transformation via Polygrip. The cabby looks over and gets a little freaked out. He doesn't know what to do, so he just breaks down laughing. The laughter is contagious, and soon everyone has their giggle boxes turned over. It's the comedy cab. Great start to the night. The party was amazing, complete with fire dancers, psychics, and 2 tables full of jello shots. There were also caramel apples placed around the house. Um, yum. There were many cool costumes, and lots of weird people. My kind of place. Everything was going well, until I had a run in with a shark. My friends and I were hanging out, when a shark approaches. She starts to chat with us. I like the shark. I decide to try and communicate with her, so I start chomping and speaking in shark. "Chomp chomp chomp....nonk nonk nonk." She doesn't seem to understand, and walks away. Which is crazy that a shark can walk. Boobies asked me what I said to her, and I told her I was only trying to communicate in a way she would understand, which was in shark talk.
Well, apparently shark's boyfriend thought I was making fun of her, and proceeded to get upset. Unnecessary Paul Bunion. It's not my fault that the shark didn't understand her own language. I was giving her a compliment. Whatevs. Shark and Paul Bunion are lame.

The fire dancers come on, and one lady almost burns her own face. Woah. Close call. Not that it wouldn't have been am exciting moment in the night, but I don't want anyone deforming themselves for my entertainment. All in all, the night was a blast. It was basically a dress rehearsal for tonight, which I'm sure will have many misadventures in store for you all....

I thought I would share some of our texting sessions from last night....

J: This conversation is so funny now. Blonde Bandit wants this chick to come spray tan at her house tomorrow at 7:30am.

K: hahaha. That's awesome. I am in my corpse bride costume. So happy.

J: Haha. But B was getting mad. It was great. Not like really mad.

K: That's funny.

J: Have fun. I will prob keep texting. You know how I do.

(Later in the night.....)

K: Hi. I just saw fire dancers. Miss u! Ahhhhhhh!!

J: I am actually pretty drunk. Just played shuffle board. Miss you toooooo.

(an hour later.....)

K: Halloweeeeeeeen!!!! XOXO Rawr.

J: Hahahaha. Halloween yay. I love spooky.

K: I love doggies. And u!

J: I know right! Yay dogs.

(Another hour later...)

K: Um drunk and hungry.

J: Me too. So tired. It's like late here. Wahhh hah.

K: OMG! It's like 5am there! I keep forgetting. Where are y'all now?

J: No it's 1 here.

K: I am so retarded.

L: Oh really? I am too.

K: haha. That's why we are the perfect couple. Haha.

Now that is love... hahaha :)