Friday, March 5, 2010


Today is a big day in The Batcave.  Happy Alice in Wonderland Day world.  We have been counting the days, and it's finally here.  It's a wonderful wonderful day.  TB, we heart you so. This is Tim Burton, not tuberculosis.  We hate tuberculosis.  We hope everyone is as pee in your pants excited as we are!!


Judy said...

i don't know how anyone hasn't commented yettt. i am beyond obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton!!! genius.

The Batcave said...

Thank you Judy! We were thinking the same thing. We have hit a comment drought. Your Alice obsession is appreciated and understood in these parts.

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Crazy Brunette said...

Hey ladies!!!!

I fucking love your blog!

I started following like 3 weeks ago and even added you to my blogroll (you should feel especially honored because this is a highly prestigious place to be!)

Your post feeds aren't posting to my blogroll, dashboard, or even when I subscribe it still says your last post was from 3 weeks ago...

Might check out a few others and see if its just my retarded ass blog or somethings wrong with yours.My blog did this once, and I had to motherfucking delete it, and import it again! :(

How was the movie???

The Batcave said...

Shiiiiiiit! We have been going effing butt nuts trying i figure out why everyone stopped commenting. Thank you SO much for the heads up Crazy Brunette. Shit. How to fix this fiasco is now the problem. PS. You are fucking nuts and we love it. Love the blog.

Crazy Brunette said...

Thanks chicks!!!

You thought you were blogger fucking blacklisted?????

Try following yourself, I read on some forums that might work. Didn't do shit for me personally though!