Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Breakfast Appetizers

A few years ago, while living in Boston, my friend and I had another crazy night.

We went to a bar where we were completely out of place.  We asked the bartender to make us red-headed sluts.  He made them as drinks instead of shots.  We drank them anyway.  We wanted sausage.  Apparently in more ways then one.  We go to the sausage cart to get sausage.  (This is common in Boston, and delicious) I don’t think we had money.  If we did, I guess we didn’t want to spend it.  Because I flashed the dude and got us some free sausage.  And not like that. 
Well at least not till later.  We both lived in the city.  We could have taken a cab home.  I guess we felt it was a better idea to go meet these cute guys across Quincy Market and go home with them.  I’m pretty sure I made mine come pee with me on the steps somewhere, and my friend was dumping her bottled water on hers.  Obviously these were 2 desirable qualities in girls because they took us back with them.  We drive with them outside of the city to their place.  I think the guy had a cat and sold pottery for a living.  My friend had sex with her dude on the patio, I think she got concrete burn. he was really funny and had to get up early in the morning to play in a golf tournament.
My dude took the two of us to breakfast in the morning before he took us home.  (Granted she stayed in touch with hers, I did not.) We were starving.  Starving so much that we wanted appetizers for breakfast.  We proceeded to ask the bartender why there were not apps for breakfast.  He brought us a bowl of oatmeal.  Appetizer for breakfast.  Sounds like a great idea.  I love brunch and am always hungry.  I always want breakfast appetizers.  Today in NYC there was whole section of the menu devoted to it.  Awesome.