Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is a real conversation.

i'm a degenerate too!
2:50 PM

i am a loser
i need to cleanse my aura
how do i do that?
i should google it
2:55 PM

f***ing heart palps today

f'in death wish today
that was my saying yesterday. death star miserable
i dont even know what a death star is but it sounds cool

oh it's when stars die unexpectedly, ie, the clueless girl

oh! right
she was such a death star
3:05 PM

or get more famous after they die

like the kid in the hot air balloon.
except he didn't die. hahah
3:10 PM

and he wasn't a star
he was a far
feath far
3:25 PM


MODG said...

this is why we are kindred spirits. This conversation took place on Friday:

me: box i want my aura cleansed
2:09 PM

Lisa: Ill cleanse it
Urs is black right niow

me: i know
i feel it
i need a magic eraser

Lisa: Mine is white
2:10 PM

me: u think thats why i'm having bad dreams?
box google aura cleansing fo rme
2:11 PM

Lisa: K hold on
2:14 PM
Energy based healings
And psychic readings
To cleanse your GD aura

me: need it

Lisa: Wanna go to a psychic?

me: i want a good cleanser