Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Doppelgangers are so January 2010. So it looks like its Doppleganger Week in Facebook world.  The most popular trend in Facebooking since changing your status to your bra color. This was a status update phenom created to support Breast Cancer awareness.  We decided we didn't want to waste a perfectly good profile picture of ourselves with a celebrity one.  So here we are sharing our Celebrity Dopplegangers for you at The Batcave.  You can find your own by uploading a photo of yourself at www.myheritage.com.  The Doppleganger Theory is the thought that somewhere in the world someone exists who looks exactly like you.  In medieval times Dopplegangers were some sort of evil spirit that replicated the looks and actions of a person who was in danger of death.  Creepy.


Julie said...

hot doppelgangers!!!

sarah said...

I refuse to participate in this.


I am too freaked that I will hate whoever I supposedly look like.

jessalyn said...

yeah i did this once a few years back with that website- and i was very unhappy with the results, so i will not do it again.

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Oh people were posting their bra colors? I thought it was panty colors. Where do these trends come from? I am so out of the loop!

At least I'm skinny said...

Some homeless guy told me that I looked like Sheena Easton. That is the only person I've ever been told I look like. I don't look like Sheena Easton.

I am not participating either.