Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I was recently introduced to “missed connections” on Craigslist. This shit is funny. I try to convince my tree friend that every one is me. Most of them are so vague it doesn’t sound far off. …. Like…. Saw short girl at bar, I think you saw me too. Are you kidding me? I get it if you talk to someone and don’t get their number, want to give it one last short or something random like. For sanity's sake I am only reading and posting about men seeking women. Here’s a few found I found of particular interest. Are these people for real?

Walnut between 8th and 9th - m4w (Walnut St)

Date: 2010-01-11, 5:03PM EST

We were walking in opposite directions at some point between 4:15 and 4:30 PM today. As we passed, we exchanged a smile.

You're extremely cute. If you happen to read CL maybe we can chat?

Are you f’in kidding me? Someone smiled at you? I smile at homeless people. Don’t post a missed connection over that.

Walking on Walnut St - m4w (1:45 PM Around 15th St)

Date: 2010-01-12, 2:44PM EST

I was walking east on Walnut (ummmm, toward the Delaware river). You were heading west and when you passed me, we caught eyes for a few seconds, I hate to stare but that's what we both did. You smiled, I clammed up like a typical guy! DAMN! Oh well, you were sorta short, I didn't notice what you were wearing as I could not get past your smile. I know you will never see this, but at least the whole cyber world now knows how hot you are!


A Stunned pedestrian

Sorta short? Wtf? What does that even mean? I give this one points for entertaiment value at least!

can i get help from anyone - m4w

Date: 2010-01-11, 11:15PM EST

i ve recently seemingly destroyed a relationship….. BLAH BLAH SKIP THIS

that i've wanted for years and ended up with it for about five weeks the story is complicated and a little long to put on here. basically there was talk in the neighborhood that she was being shady and i acted on it. but she wasn't. after several near break ups we finally started getting back to where we were. then i did something really messed up yesterday and now she is saying its over. this is someone i've been friends with for a long time before this happened. we both fell in love very quickly once this started. we were already talking about children and marriage even though we knew it was a couple years off. can anyone offer any advice as to how to get her back?

READ HERE….i'm devastated without her

Dude first off, get some spell check and get off Craigslist. Secondly, you don’t have a mom, a sister, a friend, anyone who you can talk to, that’s terrible. Or maybe its just a joke, scam or drunk post (11:15pm??)?

Ok so this may be entertaining enough to keep its spot on the bookmarks bar with Texts from Last Night. Only time will tell….


Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to those schmucks.

kys said...

I read the Missed Connections posts all the time, too. I'm still searching for the guy who flipped me off on the freeway. He was cute.

Salt said...

Missed Connections is a goldmine. My fiancé claims that some chick wrote one to him before we were dating. I kind of think he's full of crap.