Monday, January 18, 2010


Tons of people had a shitty 2009. My friends and I were no exception. Out with the old and in with the new, right? When out’s not enough, fire is. We had a bonfire and burned away all of the problems of 2009. Ex’s, bad jobs, bad people, you name it, we burnt it. (Note: burning fabric makes ash snow)

The fire was built in a firepit on a deck. It was blazing large enough for the Urban Outfitter to see it from her house. Almost. All was going great and all the evidence was destroyed.

Next thing you know, a dude in alley a few houses away starts yelling "yo!" Sasha replies: "yo!" and thinks its just some random begging for a cheesburger. Dude in alley yells up and asks what we are burning. Dude: "what are you burning?!" Sasha: "wood!" Dude in alley: "why?!" Sasha: "cause its cold out!" Dude in alley: "put it out now!" Sasha: "why?!" Dude in alley: "because if you don't well bring a hose through your house and do it for you!!!" yep that’s right, the fire department came. OOPS! Burn= SUCCESS!!!


Cathy said...

Hahaha! That was a success! Hopefully all the bad stuff is gone and your 2010 is much better!

sarah said...

That sounds like something out of a porno

Kel and Jame said...

bow chicka wow wow.

2010 is great, could be the fire, or just a better attitude, either way it feels good!!