Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Last night I finally went to see Avatar.  In 3D.  I don’t know that I can ever see a movie not in 3D again, and I am sure I want to see every 3D movie they showed.  #1 being Alice in Wonderland and #2 How to Train a Dragon.  The second is mostly because I figure that’s a skill I will need to take over the world.

I thought Avatar was amazing and I am pretty sure I lived there with them.  Like to the point where I questioned my own humanity.  So did Dustin.  The graphics were clearly amazing but I was down with   the story line too.  At one point I realized I still knew what was going on and that made me happy.  I felt morally conflicted but in a good way.  I hate long movies and this one made me feel like it was real life and so i was cool with it.  At the end I actually said "Can we do that again?"  It may have destroyed all regular movie watching for me for life.  It was worth it.

I must admit that there was a point when blue dude made a reference to a “situation” and myself and 3 companions bust out into a fit of laughter.

I am pretty sure I want to be: (and I totally get why people fall in love with the blue lady)

I am sure I am in love with:

Facts that support my opinion:

Avatar as been No. 1 at the box office for six consecutive weeks.

It's official: Avatar is the highest-grossing movie ever, with tallies coming in at $1.86 billion.

Avatar became the most expensive movie ever made, at more than $300 million US. 


Children of the 90s said...

I still haven't seen this, but I want to. I love 3-D movies, too--I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland!

meredith said...

i really surprised myself with how much i liked this movie... i saw it in 2d though because i was afraid the 3d would make me motion sick. i once threw up at imax. how pathetic is that??

Cathy said...

We saw it this past weekend too. I thought it was good, but didn't need to be that long....I mean it's a story that's been told a million times, you don't have to drag it out. We saw it in 2D, but it think 3D would have been awesome. And the actor guy (I don't even know his name) is way hot.

hotpants™ said...

I loved it. It did feel real which is amazing to me.

Julie said...

i liked it. aliens weird me out and the whole "we are mated for life" deal made me squirmy....and i have to admit i looked at my watch 89457394 times....but that's me. I agree with you on the graphics...amazing. i want to live there, minus the blue peeps.