Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Dear Tree Friend, I am missing you like a crazy person today too. All I can think about is our first T-day in Boston together. Bacon wrapped scallops, beer pong, bathroom party, and car bombs... all recorded on camera. I will eat a whole helping of chicken salad for you today. I will be extra fat just for you. This is how much I love you. My outfit today reminds me of you. Black leggings, gray dress, black belt, black bangles, and some crazy ass argyle socks under my black boots. LOVES. It is 1pm and have had 4 mimosas and 3 glasses of wine. Yes. Can you just come to my house please? Thanks. I am so thankful for you today. I love you so much. I was so disappointed that Top Chef was a re[eat last night. Sads. Glee was new though, so that's ok I guess. OK, turkey is being carved. That's my cue. I'm blowin' this double bubble. Haha. I love you Tree Friend. So much. Thank you for being my fave. xoxo