Thursday, November 26, 2009


Dear Tree Friend,

I miss you very much today. Remember our wonderful Thanksgiving in Boston? Sure we were fat and pale and wore brown sweaters but at least we had each other. And winter clothes to hide all the food we ate that year. The turkey stuffed with chihuahua was delicious. That was also my first experience with the famous chicken salad. We spent tons of time in the bathroom and broke about 4 wine glasses. We played beer pong and won. (Its on video). Most importantly, we had more dogs than people and we were happy about it.

Happy Thanksgiving. I love you.

By the way just watched the Las Vegas ep of the The Hills. I loveeed it. Its funny that my favorite characters are the little ones I don't have to deal with much. Kristin's friend Stacie and Spencer's friend Charlie. So funny. And Heidi is nuts. Certified insane. I cannot believe she is trying to have that dudes' baby.


Chew said...

I loved that episode! I hate it that the commercials are so freaking long on MTV and then the actual show ends up being like 15 minutes long. Oh well, it's worth it:)