Monday, November 30, 2009


During my absolutely sane and normal thanksgiving day, I had the pleasure of getting minute to minute updates from 2 of my faves. This def brought on the LOLs. My first thought as I was receiving the play by plays, was The Batcave of course. I knew that it was my duty to share the greatness with our loyal bloggery fans.
My lovely DFW was hosting T-day for her fam at her newly purchased home. When her less than sane mother in law hears this, she invites herself along with the sis in law and, the absolutely non disciplined niece. This is definitely a recipe for a fantastical thanksgiving. I text her the yearly "happy turkey day, I miss you" text. She texts back with the same and tells me she is surviving so far. I tell her to text me later when she is drunk.... and she does. She informs me that she is going to take her chances and participate in the Black Friday madness and that she wishes I was there as her blocker because she needs my muscles. Awesome. I am strong. Ten minutes later she tells me that her mom in law has been on "allllllllll day" and hasn't socialized with anyone. "And every time someone walks in the room she minimizes the window." Smooth move for sure. She must be in the zone, and needs a mate. She also is pretty sure her very interesting and large sister by marriage is hitting on her brother. "She keeps calling him a catch." Now comes the best part, involving the non disciplined 5 year old niece. This child seriously does, says, and gets whatever she wants. So, the kid keeps following DFW's dog around like a crazy person. She then proceeds to try and pick him up repeatedly, and finds it funny to put her face in his face. DFW tells her to stop every time, but the kid ignores her of course. This is the lack of discipline kicking in here. Next text... "he bit her in the face. Blood everywhere. She is def going to have a scar." Holy shitballs.,bloody kids, and desperate flirting. This. Is. Awesome. So much more active than my t-day. Loving it. Last text convo... DFW: "Dude, I feel like I am on an episode of Stringer from the 90's." Me: "I love it and you should absolutely guest blog about it." I couldn't wait, so I did it for you DFW. Thanks for the material.
I hope that you all had just as fun Thanksgivings, if not way more fun. We would love to hear about them in the nifty comment box. And we also hope that you all didn't get too fat over the weekend. We haven't even gotten to Christmas yet.


singedwingangel said...

Oh I am sure that set some people off but like you I think if you are gonna invite yourself to a dinner and bring a child then YOU are responsible for said child.. period.. kinda feel sorry for the dog cause apparently he had taken all he could take. But I bet the little brat learned a lesson , unfortunately she should have had some adults with her that should have prevented it from happening...

Working Mommy said...

WHOA!! Talk about an interesting turkey day!! Thanks for sharing the day's antics!!

~Working Mommy
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kys said...

Much more entertaining than my Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

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