Tuesday, December 1, 2009


WE know i love the facebook posts. Here is a real friend from college. She is hilarious. Apparently her friends are too. Check out below.....

Ashley XXXX Real women aren't afraid to snuggle large polar bear stuffed animals on planes and trains. (His name is Tubby)

Yesterday at 9:44am · ·
Stanley Hoobaman
Stanley Hoobaman
tubby was the nickname of my ex wife.
Yesterday at 5:25pm
Jennifer Ayma-Hoobaman
Jxxxx xxxx-Hoobaman
you're an ass clown, stan and i can't wait to get rid of this stupid last name! btw, i have lost 7 lbs since I got rid of you!
Yesterday at 5:27pm
Stanley Hoobaman
Stanley Hoobaman
Got rid of me? I dumped your fat ass.
Yesterday at 5:28pm
Ashley Ballani
Ashley xxxxx
Whoa, whoa .... fight nice!!!
Yesterday at 5:36pm
Jennifer Ayma-Hoobaman
Jxxxx xxxx-Hoobaman
stan, remember when i would always tell you that your premature ejaculation problem wasn't a problem...you know i was totally kidding right? HUGE problem.
Yesterday at 6:00pm


Shandal said...

Bah hahahaha! Nice share!

Working Mommy said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! What a FABULOUS back and forth...LOVE IT!!

~Working Mommy
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kys said...

Too funny!

Clemson Girl said...

bahahahahah!!!! maturity at its best!! *love*