Thursday, September 17, 2009


Alright folks! Believe it or not, Kelly and Jamie are together again! We have many days of fun filled misadventures ahead of us, so there will be plenty to come. But for now, here a few tidbits from Kelly's trip to Philly....

I arrive at the airport with some major anxiety due to the thought of being trapped in a metal flying contraption with strangers who will be stealing my oxygen. Took a pill. Waited for it to kick in. An old man with a really small dog named Elvis sits next to me. Elvis made feel a little better. The arriving flight lands, and the passengers file out. A young guy about my age stumbles out. He announces, "Who wants a drink!" I say "I do!" Of course. He responds, "I like your style", then hands me three free drink tickets for the flight. Thank you young drunk guy!!!! This was going to be a good trip.
The first leg of the trip goes smoothly. We stop in Chicago and wait on the plane for more people. I see a girl with a dog that looks a little past the weight limit for flights. I asked her if they gave her a hard time about the size and weight of her dog. "Well, she is an emotional support dog. They don't put limits on them." Woah..... what the hell? I just said ok, and turned back around. Then I saw her ask the flight attendant if the bacon was ready in the microwave yet. Seriously! I was jealous of the dog getting bacon. Jamie and I have decided that our dogs are now our emotional support dogs wherever we go. No one can question you. This is a REAL thing. Believe it people.....

After a long flight of me waiting for this girl to freak out at any moment I made it to Philly.... where I waited a good half our for Jamie to arrive.... as usual :) Now we are together and happy as can be.
This is pretty much a perfectly accurate picture of the pair, except this dog isn't eating bacon.