Saturday, September 19, 2009


So birthday weekend was a complete success. We started off the whole extravaganza with sushi and Blue Moons. The next morning was a fun filled day of mani/ pedis, spray tanning and getting my first tattoo. Just another day which had the end result of matching vampire mistress costumes and directing a bunch of America's Next Top Model wannabes at a photoshoot at the Piazza. Piazza is just like "pizza" but with an extra "a." We ate burgers and grilled cheese and were happy about it. Friday was the best. day. ever. I got to hang out with my favorite people (minus the Blonde Bandit, I miss you). I got to see animals. I got to eat lobster mac and cheese. Perfection.

Ok. So immediately following the best meal of the week, was a stop at the liquor store for the much needed birthday champagne. Then we were off to get ready for the big night. This consisted of 3 girls scrambling through the house sharing makeup, clothes, and jewelry, all while sipping the fine champagne we purchased for $13.95. Everything was going perfectly. We all know the birthday skirt that has been patiently waiting for weeks. Well, this amazing piece of fashion had yet to be altered. Jamie had a plan.... "I will do everything else first and alter the dress right before we leave. This way I will be buzzed by the time I do it and so I won't freak out if I can't do it perfectly. What do you think Kel?" Good plan. The best plan.
A little buzzed off the cheap champagne and about 8 songs into the Britney mix from concert day, I realize I am late, as usual. So I decide that if I can alter the dress in my first shot with safety pins, I should be on Project Runway. Project Runway it is. We hoochie down the street in our finest attire and cab it over to the club. Greeted at the carpet by the Cintron girls, they ask if we want our picture taken. "Do you want to take our picture?" is the question I ask. Yes of course they do, as we are all of the sudden local celebs. We go up to the red room where we meet Little and friends. Let's get this party started.... The vodka and Coors Lights were flowing plenty and good times were just dying to be had.
Our VIP was a plethora of hot twenty something ladies wearing hot outfits. This brought on the creepers and the paparazzi. Take the good with the bad I suppose. Pose, pose, pose. Our picture later becomes the cover for the photographer's online photo album. Yes! We are awesome. The drinks are flowing and the dancing begins. There are a few repeating themes through out the night...." Oh my god Jamie! You look like you're from the Britney Spears Circus Tour!!" "Thank you!". The second..."Oh my god, Kelly! You are the other one from the blog!" Yes, and she is a real person. Some people had begun to believe that Jamie had made her up. By the way, this is a BIG shout out to the girls who read the blog. We do this for you!! Enjoy. The night is still going off without a hitch. We head to the bathroom for a quick pit stop. We go into the stall together like normal girls do. Next thing we know, the stall door swings open while Jamie is in the middle of peeing. "Only one person per stall!!" Jamie responds, "I'm fucking peeing here! Seriously?!" We are being micro managed in the bathroom. So annoying. We get over it, and head back out to the VIP area filled with awesome people.
I love everyone who was there. Everyone was in such a good mood and so much fun. A few were interchangeable, but thats gonna happen. JJ decides to give a few party-goers a lap dance. "I don't like it when daddy strips" says the Urban Outfitter. A few other lap dances occur. All because my friend Fox offers to give me a lap dance for any Britney Spears for my birthday present. The marketing company who threw the party did a really great job and offered a free Costa Rica trip which was rumored to have gone to a Coors Light girl.....???
We end the night with a quick argument with the management fir serving us warm coors light. The mountains weren't blue!!! We win. We leave, happy with our successful birthday madness. Back to the casa for late night talks and more champagne at our fave kitchen table. Oh what a night...