Friday, September 4, 2009


I went the mall today for my latest fix, which was of course followed by buyers remorse in the shape of nausea. Well as I was leaving the mall with my anxiety levels pretty high, I had encounter with a fellow human. Let me just set the scene. I was in some slow moving traffic trying to enter the highway when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a guy in a red mustang all up on my ass. He was wearing white sunglasses and had a chick in the car with him.

This is him..

I am going to guess he was in his early college years. My first thought naturally, was "douche." So we are moving along slowly, almost to the onramp when Vag face behind me grows impatient. He swerves out of the lane and right up next to me. He then sticks his asshole of a hand out of the window, flicks me off, and speeds off in his newly daddy bought car. With tension in my head already high from spending money that I shouldn't have, something snapped. I cut right out of line behind him and proceeded to follow him. He was speeding right along the service road and I was doing my best to keep up with him. I didn't exactly know what I was going to do when I caught him really, but on I went. It took 3 lights to catch a red one. He stopped, and I drove up right next to his driver side window, and started honking profusely. He looked over at the crazy person, i.e me. I rolled down my window. He already had his down from the flicking off minutes before. I then asked him nicely, what the fuck his problem was. He doesn't respond, so I ask him louder. The girl in his front seat doesn't look over. He then tells me to F off, and all of those other wonderful sayings. I told him what a horrible human being he is, and that I hope he totals his car and catches an STD. The light turns green, I throw my gum at his car, it goes in his window. He drives off. The guy really was a horrible human.