Monday, August 31, 2009


All is good in the world. My hair is looking more like salon hair than purple, my little pony hair. I will not say that I am an at home bathroom beutician advocate by any means, but if you must resort to this, it will all be okay. The color all worked out in the end. The only problem is that I was recently sunburned on my scalp, and now a week later it is peeling off in flakes. This combined with my newly darkened locks, is definitely a problem. It looks as if I have an intense dandruff problem with no sign of improvement. This was the couch conversation with my husband last night...

Husband: "What are you doing to your head?"

Me: "My scalp is peeling. I'm just getting the dead skin off."

Husband : "Eww. That's gross. Stop."

Me: "Look at it. Is it that bad?"

Husband : "Have you ever seen those boxed mashed potato flakes? It's like that."

Me: "OH MY GOD!!! Shit."

He was right. And there seems to be an endless supply of potato flakes. But I can't put lotion on my scalp, because then I will look like a greasy haired freak. I have accepted my dandruff. And these are the days of our lives.