Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holy haberdashery, Batman!

I love waking up after a night of drinking til my face hurts and reading through my text messages. Its the best. Here's my fave from last night "fat people wear mediums." Don't be offended we are just bitches. And if you saw the person I was texting this with, you would probably tell us both to eat a cheeseburger, or at least a bagel with cream cheese. I also said some pretty bold and funny stuff to people that I never would say sober. Loves it. And of course the few obligatory "I love you" messages to all my fabulous girl friends. This gets better... there is nothing like waking up naked in your bed with no idea how you got there. What made it so much better was the not one but 2 trails of clothes I left behind. Batman tee shirt, black shorts, rain boots. Everyone was amazed at how smart I was last night when the monsoon hit. Little did they know this revelation came when the first storm hit and I was left on the street corner across from my house in a white tee flicking off the people who didn't let me run across the street and save me from being the frontrunner in a wet t-shirt contest. All in all, last night was a success.