Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sunday afternoon was quite possibly one of the best days of my life. Yes my friends, it was the long awaited Britney Spears concert. And I must say, it was more than I expected. First off I got to gather around with about 30 friends, new and old to do the types of things I haven't done since college, but missed dearly. Starting off we pulled into the lot closest to the door, and the radio stations. We are determined to get famous today. And see Britney. We are stalking her. We figure the best way to do this is to drink mass amounts of Coors Light and eat junk food. Cheese balls are everywhere. We decide to make a game of it with sidewalk chalk and a target. Now we must use the sidewalk chalk to profess out undying love from Britney with a huge drawing that reads, "OMG Britney." Of course. the night progresses as lots and lots of people come by the tailgate to witness the craziness that is happening. Oh PS we are all dressed up in full out Britney gear (aka slut attire). We heckle everyone that walks past in an outfit we feel is trying to outdo us. My other half of the day and I decide we must match at all times. This includes a costume change. We are at Britney after all. This costume changes for me includes a neccessary undergarment change. Since my one year old has spilled coffee all over my most Britney hot pink bra, it was still damp when we arrived. I hung it from the back of the truck. problem solved. Now salute it. Random people want in on this tailgate. and to be in our pictures. They love us. Fame= success. Ok Britney is about to go on and we are just not drunk enough. Its time for shots. My "little" carries around a cooler lid full of shots. She is on a mission. We all are. Ok now would be a good time to play with fireworks. Lets all light off sparklers and try to burn off any extremities. Ok, we did not make enough of a scene. Lets put 5 in a bottle then light them off. Yay!!! Sparklies!!! Now pose for pictures with it. Actually, pose for pictures everywhere. Its time to go in. Best concert ever. EVER. I immediately decide I want to be her (as always) and text everyone I know. Concert ends way too soon. Time to meet up at the tailgate. More pictures please. Oh there's a motorcycle. We must pose slutty all around it. And drink more beer. And eat more cheeseballs. And.... we still have sidewalk chalk. Let's lay on the ground and pretend we are dead. We take turns tracing each other holding hands on the ground and one turns out like Herman Monster, the other has a penis. Now what? Cheeseballs on the crotch. And the ridiculous-ness was only beginning....