Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Disney princesses gone wrong.

Sometimes I like to post random stuff I find just for the hell of it. This is one of those times. To be honest, even as a grown ass woman these are a little traumatic. Since when do Disney princesses partake in real life??

Seriously. This makes me hungry. Til I realize its the Little Mermaid.
This is reminiscent of the Nip/ Tuck barbie nipple removal episode. Just me? Sorry.

More or less appropriate after Bin Laden's death? Oh whatever.

Winces. gasps. this is real life, Snow?

Oh thats how you end up here. Maybe we should have stuck with the sushi.


Ice Queen said...

Belle has the best one because that probably would really happen. She thinks she's fine because she loves a beast so she knows she'll always be the attractive one...but then he went back to being a hottie and she was like "Oh, shit. I have to work at this now."