Monday, May 30, 2011

Riversharks are like river rats.

Its been weird lately. I have been busy. Working 2 jobs and getting paid for one. The mommy job has its own payment. But after 2 and a half year I finally conceded to the fact that I need to start hanging out with other kids. I do this for 2.5 yo's sake, but its starting to get fun. Who would have thought I would be so suburban. So I now find cool people with kids or cool people who are watching other people's kids and I go random places with them. Bonus points if they have creatures.

So here's some pictures of us at the Riversharks Game. What the heck is a Rivershark? Its like a River Rat. But instead of a rat, its a shark. Got it?

The kids below are having fun. My oddball kid is off to the side. Probably because he had been grwoling like a monster at the other kids all day and they thought he was weird. He's a bit of a Shane Botwin, but hopefully without the murderous tendencies. The bigger kid in the photo is 5 and told his mom that 2.5 yo scared him. What a little freak 2.5 yo is.

oh the players saw me behind the bullpen and called me "hot headband girl." #winning