Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The String Gang

I found out about these when I went to go visit the BB in Cali a few years ago.  They are so cute and creepy I had to get them for everyone I know.  They sold them at this little cart in an outdoor market.  Now they are online, yay!

Mr. Mummy helps keep your skeletons in the closet where they belong

The Zombie helps you dig up all of the info in your head.

Scarface relieves your pain so you don’t need a prescription

Vampire protects from harm when you are out past your bedtime.

Sid protects you from people with bad taste in music.

Bella makes sure your life is fun and wild at all times.

The Princess makes you look and feel like a million bucks.

Two Face shows the character of the people around you.

Thelma helps you live your life with abandon.

One you can blame for doing bad things, one to capture the heart of the one you admire,

One that helps a good friend turn into something more.

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