Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Philadelphia Fashionista Spotted

My friend Amanda is well on her way to getting phamous!

Fashionista: Amanda Age: 22
Occupation: Membership Manager for Delta Phi Epsilon
What are you wearing?: A dress I purchased at Shecky’s last year, a blazer from a tiny boutique and boots from Bare Feet.
What is the best fashion deal you have ever found?: A First Friday bag at 60-percent off.
What is your favorite trend?: I like floral and bright colors. 
What is your favorite store?
: Boca Leche Boutique in Ft. Lauderdale

Check out the rest of the photos and trends from the Shecky's event.


Amanda said...

When I'm famous.. we can still be friends.

Steffanie said...

LOLOL. hilarious.

MODG said...

F. you know I thought this was me. Then i saw 22. double f.