Thursday, February 25, 2010

You ask, we deliver.

Disclaimer to dude fans: This is all about clothes.  If you stick it out, there is a prize for you at the end of the post, so don't run away.

I'm sure all of our smart, amazing, highlarious readers are already fans of MODG.  If not you are crazy, and should click here.  Actually, I'm pretty sure that is where we got most of you lovely peeps.  Thanks for that by the way.  Anyway, she came to the Bats for some style ideas since we are super stylish and trendy wizards.  She is the new proud owner of a bad ass girly tulle ballet skirt pictured below (in both colors I might add).  This is def better than being the new proud owner of a baby I would say.  Like Kourtney Kardashian who pulled her own baby out of her vag on national reality television.  I loved this so much.  Moving on.  MODG gave birth to the tulle babies and needed some outfit direction.  Here is what we came up with. 

Our bad ass tulle skirt pairing suggestions are as follows...
Tight as shit tank tucked in. We would go with black, white, or gray.  That is just because we don't wear any other colors like weird green.  Long crazy necklace over the tank to jazz it up a bit.  Def go with some chains, or metal.  Go big or go home with the necklace.  Since you live in blizzard land, some snazzy patterned tights to protect your leg epidermis is vital.  As for the shoe choice... go with some bad ass pumps or booties with some studs or something punk rock to balance out the cutesy-ness of the skirt.  On top.... cropped leather jacket.  The end.  Pics included. You're welcome.



(Louboutins by the way)


There you have it folks.  Surprise surprise, we love black stuff.  You likes? 

And for all of you dudes who scrolled to the bottom of the page, here is your prize....  It's an amazing coffee drinking apparatus. You better come back.


MODG said...

thank you batcave. where would i be without you. I will forward to B and tell him i need spikey loubs


sarah said...

Um, I'm still convinced you are a blocker/blackballer.

That sort of sounds like rap slang.

The Batcave said...

We are desperate for any follower we can get at this point. We one, are not even close to being tech savvy enough to figure out blackballing, and 2 can't afford to say no to anyone who wants to read our shit. We heart you MODG and Sarah.

Michael said...

Love the Boob Mug. Almost worth it. Might I suggest . . .