Friday, February 19, 2010

Old Man Love

I mentioned this back in September, and it has now come back into my life.  There is a 60 year old man who likes to ride his bike around my neighborhood wearing this.......

Yesterday was a bit windy so he was also wearing a knit hat.  Of course.  Like I said, I had seen him back in September so I wasn't so shocked.  But I was a bit disturbed with my brain when I caught myself thinking, "Wow.  He has gotten in great shape.  That bike has done wonders for him."  Ewww, what?  Why are you looking at his shiny old man biker body you freak?!?  Stop this right now.  What is wrong with me?  I am an old man perv.  Gross.  But it's true.  He looked so healthy and happy in his little silver thong.  Ride on old man, ride on.


sarah said...

Is there something wrong with that outfit? Sounds hot to me.

Cupcake said...

That's fucking awesome!!! I dare you to flash him and throw panties or something next time while doing cat calls!!!!!

I want pictures of the old guy bitches!!!!