Saturday, February 13, 2010

5 Things We like today:


Yes headbands.  And I really like the ones here at   

Dudes at bars like them too.  True story.  Always good to carry one in your purse in case you need a costume change at some point in the night.  The ones listed are made by two girls who are stylists from LA, and one is named Jamie!  Love this quote from them: “ jen thinks she is funnier than jamie, but jamie disagrees.”  Hmmm. Sounds familiar, no??

**Alice in Wonderland AND ***Urban Outfitters

There is the amazingness that is this book and these illustrations.  Best.  Thing.  Ever.  Welcome to my dream world.  Check out the video here.

And speaking of Alice…did you ever watch the made for tv version from 1985? It was a 2 night special.. Anywho, you should check it ROCKS :) There are clips on youtube just search Alice in Wonderland 1985 and they will come up...  creeps my out slightly how slow it moves… but also makes me LOL!! 

Another UO contest and one that we Bats entered but did not win…. Wahhhh…. But the pics that did win are pretty cool so check them out here.

**  Taking boy stuff and making it girl stuff
This is such a cool idea!!!  And so creative J  The basic premise is that you send her a shirt of a boy (one you love or one you hate, really doesn’t matter!!) And she makes it into a scarf, pin or messenger bag.  Super cute results, and you can keep him around forever, or just remember you made something good come from him (and then forget him).

** Emotions Can Be Dangerous

Sh*t don’t I know that.  Dangerous, painful and effin’ hard and miserable.  The real statement here is in the pieces!  This is my #1 favorite item right now. I wear it all the times,  usually even to sleep.  Made by a local artist, Sharif, I saw it on Daily Candy and swore it was made for me. Might because it reminds me of my 2 besties in other parts of the country.  Maybe its because it reminds me of La Roux “ My heart melts just like plastic….”  Maybe it’s the shattered dream of my “bag o’ weapons” necklace. Whatever it is, it makes me happy and I want more. Look out for lots more stuff we like from this guy…. I mean really perfect right? Hearts and guns and cold hard shiny plastic… what’s not to L.O.V.E?

I want this… and this….

Check out all of it here.


SFKCO said...

i'm wearing mine u....and guns and cold hard shiny plastic...