Monday, January 4, 2010


Family Reunion

The Babies

Ok, a certain someone is going KILL me for posting this so she will remain anonymous. But... I have two pictures here. One of ketchup and one of mustard. They are both her ex-boyfriends. Coincidence? You decide. And if I recall correctly, she met some dudes dressed as ketchup and mustard on Halloween. Anyway see pictures.... condiment fetish?

Mr. Mustard

Mr. Ketchup


Jaho said...

#1...why do you still have that picture of "mr. mustard"?? You must have some creepy folder of weird shit to torture me with for the rest of my life!
#2 when will you realize that its freakin aloe vera not mustard!! Is mustard green???
#3, the Mr. Ketchup pic does not surprise me.
#4 yes I got pics with a ketchup and mustard on halloween a couple years ago.
#5 I heart condiments.
#6 I want to guest blog sometime!! (evil laugh)

JaHo said...

Oh and 1 more thing....I dressed up as Heinz ketchup for Halloween when I was in 5th grade with a red turtle neck and my mom made me a Heinz sign. The fetish must have begun long ago.

Julie said...

do i see a pattern here?

Kel and Jame said...

today i saw ketchup's picture and I was like if i finder "mustard" and it comes up it was meant to be. Its in a folder with "i made you a flowa" hhaha

JaHo said...

Oh my god. Did I send you all of those?? I'm so evil and that shit is creepy. You don't happen to have "I made you a bike" too do you?

sarah said...

Mr. Ketchup looks like he belongs on Jersey Shore.