Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have a severe addiction to shopping.  Every time I walk outside of my house into the real world I see things I want to buy.  I can find things at any event I go to that I want/ need/ have to have.  I stopped reading magazines because it was sheer torture.  I find its best to trade clothes and accessories with friends as often as possible, and fill up numerous online shopping bags, only to never buy the stuff and watch as it gradually goes out of stock as I miserably check it every day with out buying.  Sads.

This past week was no exception.  I was the proud co-sponsor of a Daddy Yankee CD release and listening party.  My self, and my co-worker were the only 2 blondes out of a few thousand people at a concert venue in my city.  This is no lie.  These Latinas didn’t even have dyed blonde.  They were hardcore.  But boy, do they know shoes.  I saw oh so many cute heels this night.  Why was I looking at everyone’s shoes you wonder?  That’s what I do.  I observe everything.  I watch for fashion trends that I do not find while sitting in my office/ bedroom/ basement/ batcave.  The Daddy Yankee event was a big success and I really enjoyed people freaking out over the “kid” who sings Gasolina.  He looks about 17 in his aviators, and is supposedly around 40.  Luckily I looked him up on Wikipedia before I went so I knew who he was.

Another “event” I attended was unfortunately the funeral for the sister of a good friend.  I know it may be inappropriate, but for anyone who knew this girl, I think she would appreciate the fact that her funeral was basically a fashion show.  #1 trend:  patterned black tights.  Award of the day:  all black, black v neck wrap sweater, black pencil skirt, black patterned tights, pink suede shoes (again with the shoe obsession).  I had to run out early the very next morning after Daddy Yankee so I was as exhausted and didn’t have much time to get ready.  I opted for a grey cotton pencil skirt with a black top, black knee high leather boots and a patterned scarf.  Which brings me to trend #2:  patterned scarves.  The perfect accessory for very all black outfit, whether at a funeral or not.  Why am I taking special interest in this funeral fashion?  That’s easy!! I am obsessed with black clothing and this was pretty much the Mecca of black clothes.  I love to call them my “blacks” and I lay them all out at night before I go out and carefully select which all black outfit I will wear that night.  Trend # 3: sunglasses, particularly aviators.  These chicks looked like wannabee rock stars.  Or like they were about to attend Lady Gaga’s concert.  The sunglasses hid the sobs but what I saw was shopping opportunity.  Yellow sweaters with black high boots with sunglasses shaped like stars.  Serious belts, and tons of Betseyville bags.  Hillary would have been proud!

 Anyway I should never leave the house if I want to stay in budget.  Clothes make me so happy.  My newest addiction.  Wal-Mart.  That’s right, that poppy prissy princess Miley has graced the sales racks of Wal-Mart with tons of attire to fulfill your preteen turned adult wardrobes.  Don’t be ashamed people.  Embrace the cheapness that is Wal-Mart.  If need be, you can go and act like you are there to pick up some household items and sneak through the juniors department on your way to the register.  We totally understand.  Happy shopping everyone!


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

ok because I love you girls I'm going to tell you about the NEXT fashion trend to keep an eye out for.

Double scarves. Wear 2 at once, coordinate.

Cut the necks off all of your tshirts, like the oversized ones. Immediately. Wear them with mini skirts.

go forth, be trendy.

jules said...

Going to Wal-Mart is like, really painful for me. Almost as painful as Miley's voice. (except of course for that AMAZING Party in the USA song.) That being said, she does wear cute clothes, so after the holidays I'll try to force myself to Wal-Mart to check it out. It better be good or I'll be really mad at you! :-)

At least I'm skinny said...

I often get sucked into the Miley Cyrus section of Walmart. I haven't bought anything yet but I know its inevitable.

*Diana* said...

I have bought 2 shirts, 1 vest and one pair of leggings of the miley cirus section on my Walmart... Can't beat it for 8 bucks.

celebrittany said...

oh. man. this post sums up so many of my daily thoughts! i, too, am a complete shopaholic. the more i indulge, the worse i get. i love black. i love patterened scarves. and though i have yet to wear my new cabley-knitty looking tights or shimmery gold leggings, i MUST confess that i DO own a pair of black miley skinnies. yeah. i do. i try not to tell people, but they are just so comfortable.. i couldn't resist. plus, i pretty much love to shop anywhere and everywhere.