Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today is definitely an "I'm in a funk day."  I can't motivate myself to do anything productive.  This happens every once in a while to the tree friends.  We call this The Sads.  When we have the Sads we like to Skype.  This way we can just share in the misery.  And on a day like today, the Skype-ing calls for dark glasses to emphasize the level of the Sads.  Here is our current Skype conversation...

K: You look like a mom.

J: Thanks glasses MaGee.

K: Hey, I'm depressed.  I need dark glasses on.

J: I'm depressed!

K: Well then put on some glasses.

We are now Skyp-ing and sporting Sads glasses in our living rooms and talking about funeral attire.  A typical day all in all.  So style tip of the day... Black shades are the perfect accessory for depression, especially when worn indoors.  Plus a pair of black shades are always hot.  Always.


Working Mommy said...

I tend to wear my sunglasses in the office...because, well, there is nothing that gives me the Sads more...hope you're day gets better!!


kys said...

I hope you aren't sad anymore. My black shades always perk me up.

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