Monday, November 9, 2009


From time to time there comes a night where someone else’s story is more interesting than mine. So today I have for you a stolen story. This happened at a bar I had been to earlier in the night. We get there, they have a “one in, one out policy.” We think this is hilarious. A line forms behinds us as we decide what to do. Ok we’re in. It’s packed, everyone is wasted. They serve forties and 9 packs of pony bottles. Yeah, its that kind of place. The DJ is wearing a bear hat and gloves he apparently got from the dudes in Simian Mobile Disco. Yes, we know him.

Guy is standing outside smoking a cigarette. 3 girls walk out from the adjoining bar. One Girl walks up and says hi. Girl: Hey what’s going on. Guy: Hey what’s up? Girl: How come you haven’t called me? Guy is confused. Girl is wasted. She proceeds to yell at Guy and be so upset that he “f’ed her and never called her.” Guy: Are you serious? Girl: Are you going to pretend you don’t even know me Sean? (Guy is definitely not Sean) She did not believe that he was not this person. Guy: You’re f in crazy! Girl swings and goes to hit Guy in face. Guy karate blocked her and ended up with a cut on his hand. The bouncer came over and snatched her up and told her to calm down. Her friends are trying to drag her from the middle of the sidewalk on a crowded corner in the city. Guy takes out ID and showed it to Wasted Girl. Guy has to show girl his ID to prove he is not said “Sean” who screwed over this girl. Her friends apologize and his friends laugh. Poor girl.

Not only did this girl get screwed over, she is so upset over this guy, and she isn’t even sure what he looks like? Oh the sadness….