Thursday, November 12, 2009


An article on CNN shows that Facebook really is life. This 19 year old kid was arrested for robbery and held in jail for almost 2 weeks. then his dad realized the kid had updated his facebook status from his house a mintue before the robbery and voila! Free as can be. "The online social network is ready to join telephone records and video cameras as a means of establishing an alibi." The funniest part of the article is the kid's status update. "Bradford posted: "On the phone with this fat chick... where my IHOP." Of course people had no idea what this meant, and didn't even get the IHOP reference.

Here's the explanation from the kid's lawyer: "The "fat chick" was a playful reference to Bradford's pregnant girlfriend who was irked that he, his father and his stepmother had gone to an IHOP without her the night before. The update teased that she wondered where her pancakes were. "He was just kind of taunting her playfully about having been to IHOP," Reuland said. "I know it sounds not very nice but it's sort of a reference to her because she's pregnant. But they actually have a very good relationship. She's cute as a button."