Saturday, September 5, 2009


Last night I got to experience something pretty cool, as I usually do. Hence the blog. First off, FF and BB had a stop off between venice and St. Lucia at my casa in the City of Brotherly Love. Let me first say BB and I had not 1 but 3 conversations about how excited she was to get here. We determined it was on Mojito 3, 5 and 7. Anyway, I have never seen anyone so excited to leave Venice Italy to come to Philthadelphia. But they are some pretty awesome people here so i get it. Some friends had an Art Gallery opening in an artsy part of town.

And me and my hookers are off.... DISCLAIMER HERE.... if you are easily offended or thing you are ugly, skip this paragraph. If you are reading this, its not about you, really. So as we are walking in, I give them the heads up. "there might be some ugly people here, but they are interesting." The best response actually came from Frosted Flake instead of the Bandit here. "Ugh. Seriously, I don't even like be associated with people like that." Haha! he said "people like that." Like they are lepers or something.
So we walk into the design studio and get to see lots of great people we know and love. It was really great to see my cousin, who had submitted some artwork. She had actually seen a repost of the event I did on the Book. Oh, the miracle of Facebook!! So I am greeted by a non-ugly who asks if I remember meeting her at 4am the night after Britney. The answer is "No." She proceeds to tell me I am hilarious (I love her already) and that someone was telling me I looked like a young Madonna. Its all coming back to me now.... I did a little woo hoo and and danced and asked if that was my original response. She says "yes."
We make an adventure to the unisex bathroom where we decide to make small talk with randoms. BB tells them she was bit by an Italian Mosquito. Random dude looks at her like she is nuts. "How do you know its Italian?" he responds. "Duh it was in Italy." C'mon now randoms, keep up with us here.
The opening was a success. The designers did great and so did the artists. I forgot to mention the event was sponsored by Coors Light!! Just like life :) There was one particular print BB and I did not like. Actually we hated it. It was a naked girl with an eagle head on. That part was fine. It was the puffy vag that completely freaked us out. We had to call in back ups, so we asked the guys, is that Photoshopped? Response.... "haha, no. Don't be so critical, they don't all look the same. Sure she's a little beat up, but it happens." Vomit in my mouth. I am never having sex again. Not if thats the end result. Gross.

Here is the link to said friends Blog if interested in checking it out!!