Sunday, September 27, 2009


So the other day I went with my boyfriend's bosses wedding with him. It was up in the suburbs near where we grew up. People that live there think the "city" is like another planet. So anyway we make the trek up after a disastrous goodbye session with my tree friend at the airport.There are family pictures everywhere; I think this is so cute. The wedding goes on and blah blah blah. My bf is filling me up with drinks to make this bearable. I am sitting at the half full table with 2 of his co-workers and their spouses. The one husband of a co-worker is a mailman. He is drunk. And funny. He says he has a list of everyone on his route that gets playboy. He marks them with a star. He is telling the 6 months pregnant wife that she is all good and in the clear. He claims he knows everything that is going on with everyone. Who is cheating, who has the cops after them, etc. and he tells her she is in good shape because her hubby does not even get playboy. Ok so then he goes down another list in his head. Yes that’s right, the hot chicks. He says he marks them with a bunny symbol for playboy bunnies if they are hot. He asks the pregnant husband about a variety of so called hot chicks. The smart husbands say no. He says one time of these so called hot chicks asked him if he wanted to come inside and warm his bone. WTF? Who would have though the life of a mailman was so interesting. Anyway the bf goes up to get me a drink and overhears a pretty dirty conversation 2 guys were having about one of the weeding guests. He won’t tell me much but he gives me this hint…. “Can you imagine…” He breathes down the back of theirs necks and says, I don’t have to imagine. That’s whose bed I sleep in every night. Hahaha. Ew what scumbags. But a funny story nonetheless.