Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Perfect use of "bahahaha"

I'd like to thank Ashley for this comedic gem.  Jared too, but mostly Ashley.  They dated in college, and when Jared switched teams, they became BFF.  Never do I question that an interaction between them is worth reading...

This past weekend I was asked what in my Facebook etiquette is a good example of why I would use "bahahha" (or some variation) instead of "hahhaha"  I explained that it was different degrees of how funny I thought it was....

Jared was tagged in a photo.

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Ashley likes this.

Ashley: Further proof of why we didn't work out ...
May 16 at 5:18pm
May 16 at 11:32pm
Ashley: I was thinking 'scary!' Or 'gay!'. Come on Sam, you can't encourage drunk, topless, bead wearing pics! You're enabling him!
May 16 at 11:34pm
Jared: Ashley, you're drawn to my muscles
May 16 at 11:36pm
Jared: Sam, thanks:)
May 16 at 11:36pm
Jared: And just for the record this was the summer the movie the Hulk came out
May 16 at 11:37pm
Ashley: I just threw up in my mouth. If I'm drawn to your muscles, then you're drawn to my boobs
May 16 at 11:38pm
Samantha: HA HA! I am an enabler...He is expressing himself as we have all done when we have had a few too many...Im sticking with HOT...lol
May 16 at 11:43pm
Jared: Again, Sam is my favorite.
May 16 at 11:51pm
Ashley: Gay.
May 16 at 11:54pm
Ana: Ashley, I don't know you, but I think you want Jared's schlong.
Yesterday at 11:36pm
Amy: Do u work out at all??
Yesterday at 11:45pm
Ashley: Bahahahahahahaha. Riiiiiiight. Haha
Yesterday at 11:47pm
Jared: Ashely.. We all know you do
3 hours ago
Jared: Ana- amazing call
3 hours ago