Monday, February 15, 2010

10 Reasons my Best Friend is a One-Year-Old:

Also know as  That’s not a real site I am just really into the interweb these days and like saying it.

I also really, but that’s a story for another day.

10. I don’t mind sharing my lucky charms with him, and giving him the last bite.

9.   When other guys say "you're too skinny", he says "Mom, can I borrow your batman t-shirt?"

8. He always feeds my dog, even when I don’t.

7. He loves my cooking.

6. He always smells good and looks good in pjs.

5. He totally doesn’t care if I wear makeup.  Or shower.

4. He likes the same things as me.  Like headbands.  And bracelets.  His favorite lyrics are Ga Ga Ooh La La.  And dances immediately to GaGa or Britney.

3. He actually doesn’t want me to take his pants off.

2. . He ALWAYS laughs at my jokes.  Like a lot.

1. He is always happy to see me, even if he’s with another girl. I also make him happier than any other girl.  Ever.


MODG said...

this is the cutest ever. you are my mom mentor.

SFKCO said...

GOD...i LOVE him! And cheese its....yum!

Anonymous said...

I am just getting caught up on your interweb. I love this post...and love all your reasons. BTW...I am often referred to as GaGa Ooh La La now cuz apparently I too start booty shakin when I hear and the little man can bond over that. ~Big Bird