Tuesday, November 17, 2009


All of my girls out there will know exactly where I am coming from on this one, and if you happen to be a dude that reads our glorious blog, then you will be getting a peek into the crazy world of female logic.  This weekend I had the privilege of having a girls weekend with two of my faves.  "Girls trip!  Woooohoooooo!!" This was the basis of all of our FB wall posts throughout the week.  Needless to say, we were excited.  We arrive, and the first night is filled with wine, cheese, unnecessary vocal volume, laugh until you pee laughter, and more wine.  All is well on the girls weekend front.  We are all so happy to see each other, and all "happy drunk", so we naturally all decide that we need to have a slumber party and sleep in the same room.  These slumber party nights are some of the best around between BFFS.  Classics.  The next morning is the staple hangover brunch followed by some shopping.  All typical female BFF rituals.  The evening roles around and the wine drinking slash getting ready to go out session begins.  The night starts very early.  We should have known at this point what was coming.  Skip to 4 hours later and the alcohol has turned on us.  One of the BFFS has been taken over by it, and has turned evil.


The drunken BFF argument ensues.  I will spare you the nasty in between details, as I'm sure you really don't give a shit.  We somehow make it back and it is def go-to-bed-right-now-time.  Well, do you remember the "we love each other so much, we have to sleep in the same bed" mentality from the happy go lucky night before?  Well, that crap flies right out the window.  The one that had the evil alcohol infiltrate her brain is immediately shunned, and is sentenced to sleeping alone.  "I am NOT sleeping anywhere near her!!! UGHHH!"  This is the ultimate in your face, "I am so freakin' pissed at you" move during a girls weekend.  "I banish you from the snuggle party."  Ouch.  We proceed with the passing out.  The next morning comes as we all wake up and try to remind ourselves of the debauchery from the previous night.  "I know there is a reason she didn't sleep with us last night..... why am I so mad at her again?"  And then the fuzzy pieces start to come back.  It was the evil alcohol.  A nice long hour of awkwardness and apologies go by, and things naturally go back to normal.  A girl never wants to be the one banished from the BFF snuggle party.  Take this as a learning experience ladies... don't be the slumber party pooper.  And guys... yes, this is a real thing.


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

omg. I want to know who was banish-ed

Kel and Jame said...

It was my friend Boobies. She can't handle her evil alcohol apparently.