Monday, October 26, 2009


Kish Mauve, Black Heart is my new favorite CD.  I heard a song on Gossip Girl, googled the lyrics on my G1 and voila.  New fave CD.  Its not out on a CD yet but you can download the MP3s from Amazon.  “I’m in Love with your Rock and Roll” is playing when Serena and Nate walk in to the card game.
“In my Kitchen” is an uppity poppy song that reminds me of Shakespeare’s Sister.  It kind of reminds me of “Walking on Sunshine,” its fun and makes me think of Kirstie Alley bopping around her kitchen on Look Who’s Talking.
 “Morphine” has lyrics that say “I just wanna get happy….”  How relatable is that.  Follwed by “How can I get rid of you, when you look so good with me.”  I would have to say though my fave line is…  “I am like a stranger walking through my head…”  While I would rather be a stranger in Tim Burton’s head, my own isn’t that bad either.
 “Kish Mauve is a British electropop group. The group was formed in 2005 in London, England, and consists of Mima Stilwell (vocals) and Jim Eliot (synthesizer, vocals). In 2007, the duo wrote and produced Kylie Minogue's cover version of their song "2 Hearts", which reached number one in Australia and number four in the United Kingdom. Kish Mauve released their debut album, Black Heart, in March 2009. Kish Mauve's music has been featured in multiple television shows and advertisements. Several of their songs appeared on the United States television series Dirty Sexy Money, the song "Can't Get Enough" was featured in a Rimmel commercial, and Dell used their version of "2 Hearts" in a computer advertisement.”
The whole album has Killers undertones, which I love.  There’s a little vibe of Ashlee Simpson’s first CD in there too.  You should all give it a listen.