Thursday, October 15, 2009


My crazy child loves Britney Spears. He is one year old. When I was at the concert, I really wanted to get him an "Oops I did it again” onesie. I did not, due to mass consumption of Coors Light. But I need to. I looked it up online, and they had not only the black with pink writing, but also a white with gold writing ---- Thanks A>. This is so perfect I need to order immediately. Having a kid is just like having a doll you can dress up however you want. It’s way better with a boy because it doesn’t include hairbows or tutus (which I am pretty bummed about.) However here’s a great site to check out if you do need cute but cool stuff for your baby!

One day, and I swear this is true, he went over the computer while my itunes was playing, and clicked on the Britney website. Just his luck, it was the day “3” came out so he was in his glory rockin out to Brit’s new single. He was soo happy he was waving his hands in the air and rocking on his knees. He loves her. As he should.