Saturday, August 29, 2009

Someone recently said to me: “I could drive by you standing on the corner with sparklers in your hand, wearing a shower curtain and a tutu and it wouldn’t weird me out. I would smile and keep on driving.” I responded, “No you would pick me up and ask if I wanted to go get drinks or something. And P.S. I freaking love sparklers.” The weirdest part s I love sparklers, and I love tutus, go figure. This person must know me pretty well. Well, I have a great tutu topic to discuss. I have officially decided on my Britney Spears concert outfit. It’s amazing, as it should be. It is so super sparkly happy that it outweighs all the evil and mean-ness in the world. Well, at least for the day. Looking forward to it. xox

P.S. If you do not see me in this at the concert, expect to see me in it at your kids next birthday party, business meeting, etc.