Friday, August 28, 2009


I want to discuss something that upset me. Lindsanity was a guest judge on project Runway. Which by the way has gone downhill since leaving Bravo. She is ridiculous. I love mean girls as much as the next person but she has gone downhill from there. Now I just picture her as the nubbin stripper from I Know Who Killed Me. Apparently she is regarded as some sort of “designer” now because she makes leggings. This I find hilarious. She has leggings with kneepads. What do you need leggings with kneepads for. Only Lindsey really knows (and the rest of us.) I loved reading some of these comments from readers on Lohan (I googled the leggings friends, I am not a real groupie). I have included some of my faves:

“These leggings arent just leggings! They make you feel sexy and rich…”

- So do the ones from Forever21. Because then I still have enough money left over to go buy and beer, and not have to accept one from the old dude who is staring at my ass in my $7.80 leggings.

“And I think You are doing just great, You don’t need to go back to rehab, just get a better grip on love, and life, and some little on reality, but without losing the goal of your dreams.
GOD Bless You Always, Lindsay D Lohan, I Love You Always, me, Larry T Robinson O.R. Tn.”

- Wtf Larry T Robinson O.R. Tn

“The fact that she called her line of leggings “6126″, Marilyn Monroe’s birthday, is an insult to Marilyn. I mean using her birthday as the brand name is cool but not for leggings!!! I could understand if it was for like vintage looking dresses or purses but LEGGINGS??? That is a complete waste of a brand name. Marilyn never would have worn leggings If it were like seamed stockings or thigh highs or something then yeah but not freakin leggings. The leggings aren’t even cute… and they’re overpriced! Ughh, Shes so stupid… Shes trying to be like the new marilyn or something…Its not working!! The only girls who can pull that off are girls who wear like vintage clothes & makeup…Lindsay is too modern to pull that look off…”

- This from some teeny bopper with an attitude. Loves it.